What do crypto-currency, drones and CBD have in common? Greenheart CBD and M&C Communications

What do crypto-currency, drones and CBD have in common? Greenheart CBD and M&C Communications

M&C Communications builds Brand Protection PR™ to help Greenheart CBD change the lives of farmers around the world

M&C Communications is excited to add Greenheart CBD to its growing roster of CBD companies. M&C’s core focus of CBD public relations is building Brand Protection PR™ to advance the CBD market

CBD cryptocurrency ensures transparency from seed to shelf

Greenheart CBD is a socially-conscious company providing sustainable investment using blockchain technology and market-leading DeFi platforms to launch the first cryptocurrency in the CBD space called the Greenheart token. A small sample of their high-tech solutions include:

  • Providing hemp farmers across the globe financing to convert their fields to grow hemp
  • Growing solutions through drone-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology
  • Maximizing farmer harvest and profits using big data and analytics

In one recent case featuring this financial platform and drone technology, Greenheart CBD increased a Thai farmer’s income by 500% after he converted his previous crop to hemp, which was then purchased by Greenheart CBD for CBD production.

Greenheart CBD is a perfect example of M&C Communications’ vision to work with inspiring clients who make a difference in the world.

“Working with an Irish CBD company focused on environmental sustainability, social good, and cutting-edge technology is one of those scenarios you can only imagine,” said Diane Mulligan, president of M&C Communications. “We are honored to work with Greenheart CBD to educate the world about CBD while providing innovative answers that will change the lives of farmers and consumers.”

M&C builds Brand Protection PR™ through CBD public relations

M&C is developing an integrated public relations campaign based on its unique Brand Protection PR™ strategies to help Greenheart CBD educate its stakeholders and develop customer loyalty.

You will hear much more about the Greenheart CBD and M&C Communications collaboration in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out Greenheart's latest video below.


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