Brand Protection PR Tool™: The Proactive Approach to Crisis Management

Brand Protection PR Tool™: The Proactive Approach to Crisis Management

We all know how important it is to safeguard your brand against potential crises. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our proprietary forecasting system - the Brand Protection PR Tool™. This innovative approach is designed to help you protect your brand and maintain your thought leadership position in your industry.

During a 2-day session with our Silver Anvil award-winning team, we’ll help you anticipate, analyze, and respond to potential crises. Using our proprietary scoring tool, we'll identify and prioritize the most critical crises you may face.

Day 1 - C-Suite members meet to focus on identifying the most likely scenarios. Once we have a list, we use the Brand Protection Tool™ to identify the top 1-2 crises that you are likely to encounter in the next 3-6 months. (2-4 hour session depending on the number of participants)

Day 2 - C-Suite members craft a comprehensive crisis responsibility plan, evaluate roles, build teams, and then receive media training for handling potential crises. (4-hour session)

Deliverables include:

  • Holding Statement
  • Basic messaging
  • One-page Crisis Checklist
  • Crisis communications considerations for internal and community audiences
  • Step-by-Step plan for the first hours of the crisis
  • Media training for up to 6 people ($8,500 value)

The Brand Protection PR Tool™ is your proactive approach to transforming crises into opportunities, protecting your brand's reputation, and ensuring enduring success.

Invest in the Brand Protection PR Tool™ for $15,000, plus travel expenses for two M&C team members.

Don't wait for a crisis - take action today. Contact me at 720-273-0927 or [email protected] to schedule your session.

Together, let's take your crisis and turn it into an opportunity to build your brand.

Diane Mulligan, APR President, M&C Communications




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Crisis Communications uses our unique Brand Protection Tool™ process to help create durable crisis communications plans and deftly handle life's curveballs.
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